Captain Paul Clarke

May 2012 - February 2015 

Motor Yacht Redemption

130' Westport

I joined Redemption in the middle of the summer season in Annapolis, MA after the previous captain had been dismissed there was no hand over and I had to get the program running fast with the existing crew as the owner was onboard every second week. We finished cruising the Chesapeake area and brought the boat back to Fort Lauderdale where we did a small between season yard period and I was able to switch out some of the crew to more appropriate crew members.

Redemption then extensively cruised Cuba and Central America. Places I had never been to before so had to do full passage planning and guest activities for the destinations.

Redemption was owned by a young American who's sole purpose of owning the yacht was to scuba dive and surf the best spots accessible from yacht. Because of this i was constantly monitoring weather condition and we were always on the move in search of the best conditions.

In the summer of 2014 Redemption returned to Fort Lauderdale for a extensive refit which included the W6 main engine overhaul, installation of 2 new generators at this time we also repainted the hull, and replaced all the vessels appliances in the galley and laundry.

For the 2014 winter season Redemption cruised the Bahamas and Caribbean without incident with the owner continuing his one week on one week off itinerary.

In the new year of 2015 the owner decided to list Redemption for sale and leave the boat in Fort Lauderdale until she sold. The owner also decided to reduce costs and minimize the crew at this point I decided it was best to leave as I had the opportunity to join Sweet Escape and to continue cruising.

In May 2016 Redemption sold and is so far as I'm aware now named Kaleen.