Captain Paul Clarke

Captain Paul Clarke

Paul Clarke.png

Master 350
Chief Mate 3000ton
Dive Master
IKO Kite Surfing Instructor



Originally from Australia and growing up on boats, becoming a Yacht Captain was only the natural thing to do. My love of the ocean runs deep whether I'm floating on it, Surfing its waves or diving below it I have a strong passion and respect for its power and beauty.



Having been in yachting for the past 13years and a yacht captain for the past 8 years has allowed me to travel to some of the most beautiful places that are accessible by water. Places where i have built relationships with locals allowing me to give you the best and safest experiences on your yacht.



Employer References

Paul and Max are an outstanding couple. They took very good care of Helios and the crew onboard. At no time was I concerned with the safety of the vessel, or guests on board.
— Raymond Wroe-Street
— Ayana Kabila
— José Ramos